4-H Graduation Honor Cords

February 28, 2019 - 11:56am -- rowe.316@osu.edu

4-H Graduation Honor Cords are available for current 4-H seniors to purchase. 

These green and white cords will proudly proclaim seniors' long-time active involvement in the Adams County 4-H Program and their local 4-H club. The cords, pictured here, are available from OSU Extension Adams County.

To order yours, please send a check, payable to OSU Extension, Adams County, in the amount of $16.00, on or before Monday, April 20.  We will place the order with National 4-H Supply, and let you know when you can stop in to pick up your cords. Of course, purchasing and wearing the cords is optional. We will provide all area high schools with a list of all our graduating seniors who purchase a cord so they are aware of what the cord represents. Let’s show our colors at graduation.  Click Here for the order form.