Crop Yield Trial Survey

September 29, 2020 - 2:47pm --

Calling All Farmers and Seed Dealers!

I need your help this fall! Harvest is busy time of year and I hate to add to your to do list, but this could be a good learning experience and maybe help with management decisions for 2021. This harvest season I would like to compile local data from the field regarding Hybrid and varieties planted, traits being used on the farm, and average yields.

Reason for collecting Data

I hope to provide a better outlook on how certain varieties work on a local level. I understand the challenges of looking through a seed catalog and skimming through pages of plot data from different locations throughout the state, it can be very overwhelming to make the right decision. Just because a certain hybrid made 280 bushels per acre in Northwest Ohio does not mean it will make it on your farm. If you are interested in sharing your information please fill out the following survey.