March 2, 2022 - 8:45am --

Please consider donating new and gently used kitchen supplies for the homeless shelter to send with clients when they leave to set up their new homes. If your club name begins with the letters A through D, please select from items on list 1 as much as possible and club names starting with E through Z from items on list 2. This will allow us to collect a greater variety of items. Donations may be dropped off at the Extension Office through the end of March.

List 1:
Pots, pans, or skillets
Glasses, mugs, or coffee cups
Rubbermaid™ type food storage containers
Paring knives or chef knives
Cu􀆫ng mats or boards
Wooden spoons
Soup ladles
Manual can openers or bo􀆩le openers
Slow cooker/crock pot
Any other kitchen items

List 2:
Cookie sheets, muffin 􀆟ns, or cake pans
Plates, bowls, or saucers
Measuring cups or spoons
Dish towels or pot holders (new only please)
Casserole dishes
Vegetable peelers or brushes
Kitchen tongs
Handheld mixers
Electric skillets
Any other kitchen items

Thank You!