1. Crop Yield Trial Survey

    Sep. 29, 2020

    Calling All Farmers and Seed Dealers!

    I need your help this fall! Harvest is busy time of year and I hate to add to your to do list, but this could be a good learning experience and maybe help with management decisions for 2021. This harvest season I would like to compile local data from the field regarding Hybrid and varieties planted, traits being used on the farm, and average yields.

    Reason for collecting Data

  2. Climate Change Survey

    Sep. 25, 2020

    Our Weather is CRAZY! Warm winter, receiving 30% of our rainfall in a few large rainfalls, planting crops in June, making first cutting hay in July, listening to Christmas carols in the combine!

    I know this all sounds strange, but it has become the norm for most farmers the last 5-10 years. Not only does climate change influence how farmers farm, it has an overall effect on our food system. Please take time and fill out the following survey on Climate Change before October 31st.

  3. Quarterly Extension Update

    Sep. 21, 2020

    Hello!  In an effort to stay in touch with our stakeholders, partners, and clientele we will be putting together a quarterly update to share what is happening with Extension in Adams County.  We continue to serve the community, although many of our programs and offerings look different during COVID-19.  Please click here to see our summer quarterly update.

    Please feel free to contact us if you have questions.

  4. 2020 Livestock Premium Checks

    Aug. 26, 2020

    Click here for the list of 2020 Donors who contributed to the premiums your child received.  Please send a thank you note to them.  Also, thank you to the SOILE for contributing their earnings to our livestock exhibitors.  Each exhibitor will receive two checks.  The checks were mailed on 8/25/20.

  5. Have a Cigar!

    Aug. 11, 2020

    The last 16 years has not been easy for Tobacco production in Southern Ohio. Many producers have decided to put the knife and spear in the toolbox for good, many rails have been used for firewood and most of the sticks are being made into barn stars. But there are still a few producers keeping the tradition of raising Burley Tobacco on the farm. Once called the mortgage lifter for many farms has now become a thing of the past and just stories of the old days. 2020 has presented an opportunity for tobacco growers in the County, raising Broadleaf Cigar wrapper tobacco.

  6. Virtual Skillathon

    Jun. 29, 2020

    Virtual Skillathon is now available.  Click on the link below that corresponds with the species you are taking and your age division (age is as of January 1st of this year).  Each species skillathon is available on June 29 through July 4. Links will also be sent to exhibitors email address on file. Skillathons are optional but strongly encouraged for 2020.

    Junior – 8 – 10 years of age as of January 1
    Intermediate – 11- 13 years of age as of January 1
    Senior – 14 – 18 years of age as of January 1

  7. USDA Summer Food Service Program

    Jun. 22, 2020

    The USDA Summer Food Service Program (SFSP) was established to fill the gap when children lose access to meals when schools are closed. Most often this occurs during summer vacation. However, during school closures related to the pandemic, meals are also being made available. You have the opportunity to supplement the food you have at home with meals and snacks for your children from local schools and community organizations.

  8. Adams County Jr. Fair Quality Assurance

    Apr. 27, 2020

    Youth Quality Assurance is an important part of the educational experience for 4-H and FFA members.  Members who plan to exhibit livestock at the 2020 Adams County Fair will be required to complete Quality Assurance prior to exhibition.  The Ohio Department of Agriculture has waived the 45 day before exhibition rule for 2020 only.  ODA has also authorized OSU Extension to deliver Quality Assurance virtually with specific guidelines.

  9. Virtual Animal Registration/Tag-In

    Apr. 23, 2020

    In place of on site tag-in/registration for 2020 we will be using an online submission form to register animals for the Adams County Junior Fair.  Below are the links for each spieces.  Or, you can find the links on our Livestock Projects Page or Horse Program Page.

  10. Cooking Weekly Newsletter

    Apr. 23, 2020

    We will be posting a weekly cooking newsletter for kids.  Check out the SNAP-Ed section of our website to see the weekly newsletter provided by Chop Chop.