1. Adams County 4-H Frequently Asked Questions

    Apr. 17, 2020

    This document was distributed via email to all 4-H families, FFA exhibitors and volunteers with an email address on file with Adams County 4-H.  If you have additional questions, please contact Kristy at or Barbie at

  2. Perfect Stay At Home Projects

    Apr. 13, 2020

    Want to dig in to a 4-H project that's a good match for staying at home?

    Click on this link to get started! There are several links to online 4-H project books for all ages. 

    Stay at home and stay healthy, 4-H'ers!

  3. COVID-19 Office Update

    Mar. 19, 2020

    March 18, 2020
    LOCAL CONTACT: Kristy Watters Extension Educator, 4-H Youth Development

    OSU Extension offices throughout Ohio will implement teleworking options for staff amid current coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) outbreak concerns

  4. Adams County Fair Market Hog Show Ractopamine Free in 2020

    Feb. 19, 2020

    The Adams County Fair Market Hog show will be Ractopamine, known by brand names Paylean, Engain, etc., free this year.  This is a market driven decision that will give our junior fair exhibitors the best chance to receive a fair packer bid on their market hog project.  The process to ensure a ractopamine free show is still being finalized.  Exhibitors and their parents or guardians should expect to sign an affidavit certifying their project has not been fed ractopamine.  These documents will be sent via email to all members enrolled in a market hog project and will be available on our...

  5. 4-H Graduation Honor Cords

    Feb. 28, 2019

    4-H Graduation Honor Cords are available for current 4-H seniors to purchase. 

    These green and white cords will proudly proclaim seniors' long-time active involvement in the Adams County 4-H Program and their local 4-H club. The cords, pictured here, are available from OSU Extension Adams County.

  6. 2018 Buyer List

    Jul. 19, 2018

    Click Here for the 2018 Adams County Fair Buyer List.  The list is sorted by exibitor's first name.  The list includes Buyer's Name and address.  There may be more than one buyer for each exibit.  Please be sure to thank ALL your buyers!

  7. Adams County Junior Fair Market Hog Identification Plans for 2018

    Apr. 05, 2018

    Again this year, youth wanting to exhibit hogs at the Adams County Fair will need to complete an identification form for each of their market hogs and attach at least two color photos, one of each side of the hog. Exhibitors and their families will also be expected to tag their hogs with official Adams County Fair ear tags provided through OSU Extension Adams County. The tag must be shown in one of the color photos, and the tag number must be clearly written on the form. Any ear notches must also be recorded on the form.

  8. Molly Bauman inducted into Ohio 4-H Teen Hall of Fame

    Mar. 12, 2018

    Adams County 4-H member, Molly Bauman was inducted into the Ohio 4-H Teen Hall of Fame during the Ohio 4-H Conference held at the Columbus Convention Center on Saturday, March 10.  Molly is a thirteen-year member of the Buckeye Barn Busters 4-H Club.

  9. Adams County teens attend state 4-H conference

    Mar. 12, 2018

    Six Adams County 4-H members attended the 2018 Ohio 4-H Conference at the Columbus Convention Center on Saturday, March 10. From left to right: Whitney Bauman, Bonnie Simpkins, Madison Siders, Matthew Swearingen, Kelsea Hamilton, and Molly Bauman are all members of the Adams County 4-H Junior Leaders Club. They came together with hundreds of teens and volunteers from across the state to participate in educational workshops and sessions.

  10. Register for STEM Camp Today

    Mar. 06, 2018

    What do your children or grandchildren want to be when they grow up? Could it be a scientist, doctor, or engineer? What about a farmer or video game designer? Maybe they want to work with animals? Or would they rather play with computers? Attending STEM Camp might help them decide. And, they’ll have fun along the way!