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VFD (Veterinary Feed Directive)

Fact Sheet

Forms Required For The Fair

DUNF: This form is in triplicate. It cannot be downloaded. It will be available in the Junior Fair Board Office Sunday-Tuesday of fair week.  This form MUST be filled out completely and accurately and MUST be signed by the exhibitor AND a parent/guardian (unless the exhibitor is 18 or older). DUNFs must be turned in at Fair weigh-in or check-in. One form should be completed for each market lamb, goat, hog, steer, lactating dairy goat, lactating dairy cow, market turkey, and market duck. One form should be completed per pen of meat-type chickens and market rabbits. Exhibitors who submit incomplete or unsigned forms will not be permitted to show their animal(s) until the form is completed.

Quality Assurance and Skillathons

The required Quality Assurance (QA) and Skillathons for 2024 have been scheduled. All youth who plan to enter and exhibit (breeding and market) livestock (beef cattle, dairy cattle, swine, sheep, dairy or meat goats, rabbits, and poultry) at the Adams County Junior Fair must attend a qualifying Quality Assurance (QA) program or successfully “test out” of the program.

Youth ages 12 and older as of January 1 may test out of QA at Peebles, North Adams, OVCTC, and West Union High Schools.  Youth ages 12-14 years old who pass the QA test can test out of their annual QA program for up to three (3) years. At the age of 15 as of January 1, current year, youth must then take the 15-18 year old test.  Youth ages 15-18 years old who pass the QA test can test out of their annual QA program permanently.  These ages are as of January 1, 2024 – a youth’s 4-H age.  In order to pass the test, members must score a 70% or higher.  Youth who have previously tested out of QA and who have not changed age divisions will not need to take the test again; youth who want to test out should contact the FFA advisor at their school for testing details.

2024 Test Out Dates
NAHS - March 21, 2024 @ 2pm - Ag Room
OVCTC - March 22, 2024 @ 11am - Ag Business
PHS - April 30, 2024 @ 2pm - Ag Room
MHS - April 10, 2024 @ 2:45pm - Ag Room
WUHS - April 18, 2024 @ 2pm - Ag Room

Youth planning to show livestock at the 2024 Adams County Jr Fair or Ohio State Fair must complete Assuring Quality Care of Animals training or test out no later than 45 days before the start of exhibition (May 22, 2024).  The following opportunities are available:

Adams County QA, 2024

Saturday, March 16 from 10:30 am-Noon, Fairgrounds
Wednesday, March 20 - 6:30 pm, Fairgrounds
Thursday, April 11 - 6 pm, Fairgrounds
Wednesday, May 1 - 5:00 pm, Fairgrounds

Youth Quality Assurance is an important part of the educational experience for 4-H and FFA members.  Members who plan to exhibit livestock at the 2024 Adams County Fair will be required to complete Quality Assurance prior to exhibition.  ODA has also authorized OSU Extension to deliver Quality Assurance virtually with specific guidelines.


Online YQCA – For 2024, online YQCA is an approved option to complete Quality Assurance training.  The online course costs $12 per member and each child will be required to have a unique email address.  A help sheet providing step by step instructions for families interested in utilizing this online option is available HERE.  The $12 fee associated with this option is not refundable, cannot be waived by nor is it paid to OSU Extension Adams County.  YQCA must also be completed a minimum of 45 days prior to the fair to be accepted.

Clubs and chapters will receive a list of members who need to be certified from the Extension office.  If you have questions regarding Quality Assurance please contact Kristy at or Barbie at

Skillathon Details:

All 4-H members and interested FFA members must also participate in the applicable Skillathon(s) to earn points for the Outstanding Exhibitor scoring. Skillathons are required for 4-H and optional for FFA. Exceptions: Participation in the Skillathon is optional for youth enrolled in horseless horse and pet rabbit projects. 

Looking for Skillathon study materials? Ask your advisor to borrow the Skillathon kit for your species from the Extension Office and/or review the materials in the appropriate species resource handbook. Horse members may want to purchase a copy of the Uniform Rules to use as a study guide, as well as a copy of the Beginning Horse Management project book. Poultry members face a bigger study challenge – check online for pictures of the many breeds; and check the turkey, duck, and chicken (fancy, broilers, etc.) project record books for information on the identification of bird body parts, cuts of meat, and so forth.  CLICK HERE for a skillathon study guide.

QA Program Details:

Participants must be prompt and stay for the entire program to meet the attendance requirement. It is the responsibility of all participants to sign in on registration sheets upon arrival, to complete all required paperwork, and to turn in that paperwork at the end of the program. Late arrivals will not receive their QA certification. Youth that do not attend a QA session or successfully test out of QA will not be permitted to enter or exhibit livestock at the Adams County Junior Fair or at the Ohio State Junior Fair. If participants arrive late or leave early, the attendance requirement will not be met.

Skillathon Schedule:

May 7 & 8 from 3:00pm-7:00pm, Fairgrounds.  Pre-Registration is NOT required.

Skillathon will be held on Tuesday, May 7 and Wednesday, May 8 at the Adams County Fairgrounds from 3 – 7 p.m.  We will be set up in the Administration Building and only members will be allowed to enter the building.

Makeup skillathon will be scheduled on an individual basis.  If you cannot attend the scheduled dates, please contact the office.  Anyone not completing the skillathon on May 7 or 8 will not be eligible for related awards.  The makeup skillathon will however meet the requirement to show at the 2024 Adams County Junior Fair.

Quality Assurance Make-Up

We will not be scheduling any Adams County quality assurance make-up sessions. Opportunities to make up QA are available in neighboring counties during their QA programs and clinics. All QA must be completed by May 22. If you attend a qualifying QA session in another county, at the Ohio Beef Expo or Scarlet and Gray Show, etc., YOU are responsible for providing the Extension office with appropriate documentation of attendance on or before the May 22 deadline.

Test-Out Option:

There is a QA “test-out” option for exhibitors age 12-14 (Intermediate) and 15-18 (Senior). Youth who pass the test will be exempt from taking a test again or attending one of the annual QA certification programs until they move to the next age bracket or until they are no longer eligible, by age, to exhibit in the Junior Fair. Youth who exhibit swine will need to take the PQAPlus Youth tests. All other exhibitors will take either the Ohio Small Animal test (rabbits, poultry) or the Ohio Large Animal test (sheep, goats, cattle). Exhibitors who show both large and small animal species must take the Large Animal test. Tests may be taken only once each program year, and exhibitors must achieve a qualifying score of 70% to pass. To study for a test, review QA materials in your project record book and QA handouts from previous years. Visit our website or contact the Extension Office for additional study aids. Tests will be administered by FFA advisors at North Adams, Peebles, and West Union high schools and at the OVCTC.



January 13 Market Beef Tag-In (see information below) 8:30 - 10:00am, Fairgrounds
May 4 Feeder Calf Tag-In 8am-Noon, Fairgrounds
May 1 Breeding Beef Cattle Entry Forms Due Online (see link below)
May 7, 8 Skillathon 3-7pm, Fairgrounds

Market Beef Tag-In

The Adams County Senior Fair Board will hold Market Beef Tag-in on Saturday, January 13th from 8:30 – 10 a.m. at the fairgrounds.  All market beef projects being raised for the 2024 Adams County Junior Fair should be in line no later 10 a.m. to be tagged, weighed and tattooed.

Families attending Market Beef Tag-In should remain in their vehicles until they are at the chute.  At that time, one individual can exit the vehicle to identify animals as they cross the scales.

Animals being identified for the Adams County Fair will be tagged, weighed, and tattooed. Animals being tagged as Adams County Born and Raised show entries will receive a special ear tag. There is a nomination form (linked below) that must be filled out and signed by the breeder.  No Born and Raised entries will be accepted after tag-in. 

Youth may identify and exhibit as many as three market beef animals – steers or market heifers – for the Adams County Fair.  Each market beef exhibitor will be required to designate at least one animal in his/her name and a family can tag an additional two animals of that species per Junior Fair member as “family” animals.  Each exhibitor will have access to no more than three total animals in that species, including “family” animals. State Fair steers and heifers cannot be registered as a family animal.  Family is defined as junior fair eligible youth who are legally siblings, half-siblings or step-siblings.

Ohio State Fair: The Ohio State Fair (OSF) Beef Department is once again using EID ear tag and DNA sample protocols for identifying market beef animals for the 2024 State Fair, set for July 24 through August 4. These protocols include the use of an electronic identification (EID) ear tag that has a unique 15-digit number and a DNA sample that will be submitted for all market beef animals that exhibitors plan to enter in the 2024 Ohio State Fair Junior Market Beef show.

The DNA collection will be in the form of a hair follicle sample that will be submitted to the OSF by January 15, 2024 to meet the state fair ownership deadlines for market beef animals. Along with the DNA hair submission, each market animal’s 15-digit EID tag must also be included on the DNA packet.  If you plan on showing at the OSF, contact the office to make arrangements to get your animal tagged early.  Entries MUST be received by the January 15 deadline, NOT just postmarked by that day!!!  No DNA samples will be collected by the Adams County Junior Fair Board. The owner will be responsible for collecting the DNA sample (instructions provided), completing the requested registration information on the packet, having the entry signed by an FFA advisor (for FFA entries) or the Extension Educator (for 4-H entries), and submitting their completed packet to the OSF by the January 15 deadline.

For more information regarding the Adams County Fair market beef tag-in on January 15, contact OSU Extension Adams County at 937-544-2339. For more information about the Ohio State Fair market beef nomination process visit the State Fair website at


Click here for Beef Breeding Virtual Registration



May 1 Dairy Cattle Entry Form Due Virtual (see link below)
May 7, 8 Dairy Skillathon 3-7pm, Fairgrounds


  •     Dairy Exhibitor Letter
  •     DUNF (required for lactating dairy cattle; available at the Junior Fair Office)

Click here for Dairy Virtual Registration



June 25 Pre-Fair Judging Time/Location TBD
July 1 OSF Dog Entries must be postmarked by July 1 (shows, poster contest, etc.) More events posted on the Ohio 4-H Dog Program Website


  •     Dog Project Guidelines


  • Ohio 4-H Dog Program - If you're taking a dog project, you'll definitely want to check out this website.  It is an EXCELLENT resource for fun show match dates, state fair info. and lots more valuable tools!



May 1 Dairy Goat Registrations Due Virtual (see link below)
May 1 Meat Doe and Dairy Goat Show Entry Forms Due Virtual (see link below)
May 4 Market Goat Tag-In 8-10am, Fairgrounds
May 7, 8 Goat Skillathon 3-7pm, Fairgrounds


Click here for Breeding/Dairy/Other Goat Virtual Registration



Feb. 20 Market Turkey Poult/Duck/Chick Orders due to Extension Office 4:00 pm at Adams County Extension (must be submitted by Advisor with club check)
March 21 Turkey Poult pickup Fairgrounds, time tba
May 8, 9 Skillathon 3-7pm, Fairgrounds
May 22 Market Duck and Chick Pick Up 4-5pm, Fairgrounds
May 22 Poultry Clinic 6:00 pm, Fairgrounds
June 1 Poultry Entry Forms Due Virtual (see link below)
June 1 Fur & Feather Ambassador Applications Due 4:00 pm, Adams County Extension


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Click here for Poster Contest Online Entry



April 11 Rabbit Clinic, Breeding Rabbit Tattooing, and QA 6pm, Fairgrounds
May 7, 8 Rabbit Skillathon 3-7pm, Fairgrounds
June 1 ALL Breeding Rabbit Entry Forms due Virtual (see link below)
June 1 Fur & Feather Ambassador Applications Due 4:00 pm, Adams County Extension
June 13 Market Rabbit (Fryer) Tattooing 7-9pm, fairgrounds


Click here for Breeding Rabbit Virtual Registration

Click here for Poster Contest Online Entry



May 4 Market Sheep Tag-In Sheep 10-11 am, Fairgrounds
May 1 Breeding Sheep Entry Forms Due Virtual (see link below)
May 7, 8 Skillathon & Quality Assurance Training 3-7pm, Fairgrounds


Click here for Breeding Sheep Virtual Registration



May 1 Market Hog Registrations Due Virtual (see link below)
May 1 Breeding Swine Entry Forms Due Virtual (see link below)
May 7 Optional Hog Weigh-In 7pm, Fairgrounds
May 7, 8 Swine Skillathon 3-7pm, Fairgrounds


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