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Officer Books     Making the Best 4-H Clubs Better

Officer Books

President's Record Book
Vice President's Record Book
Secretary's Record Book
Treasurer's Record Book
News Reporter's Record Book
Health Officer's Record Book
Safety Officer's Record Book
Historian's Record Book
Recreation Leader's Record Book

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Making the Best 4-H Clubs Better

A collection of ready-to-use lessons, handouts, and resources to help advisors strengthen their club, develop members’ communication and leadership skills, and, in general, make the best better. This project was made possible by grants from the Ohio 4-H Foundation. Additional staff resources are included at the bottom of this page.

     Eight Key Elements of Positive Youth Development

     How a Typical 4-H Club Meeting is Split

     Using an Experiential Model in 4-H

     A Way to Stimulate Discussion: Brainstorming

Building Your 4-H Club Team
- Lesson

Members + Mentors = Retention
- Lesson
- Handout - 4-H Dynamic Duos Partners Profile Questionnaire
- Resource - 4-H DDs - Dynamic Duos

New Family Orientation
- Lesson
- Handout: Welcome to 4-H!
- Resource: 4-H Family Bingo Cards

Why Officers are Important
- Lesson
- Handout: 4-H Club Business Meeting True or False Quiz and Key

Practice Makes Perfect Parliamentary Procedure
- Lesson
- Handout: Parliamentary Procedure
- Resource: Let's Make Parliamentary Procedure Trail Mix
- Resource: I MOVE sign

Making Meetings Matter
- Lesson
- Handout: Points to Look for in a Good 4-H Meeting
- Handout: Putting a Meeting Together Puzzle

Club Program Planning
- Lesson
- Handout: Design Your Own Clover
- Resource: 4-H Club Yearly Meetings at a Glance Worksheet

Making Club Committees Count
- Lesson

Community Service!
- Lesson
- Handout: Planning a Successful Community Service Project - Project Planning Guide

Club Fundraising
- Lesson
- Handout: Club Fundraising Planning Sheet

Selecting the Perfect Project
- Lesson
- Handout: Family Guide Scavenger Hunt and Key
- Handout: Pick-A-Project and Results Analysis

Keeping Your 4-H Records
- Lesson
- Handout: My 4-H Career Record Book

Show Me How to...Plan a 4-H Demonstration
- Lesson
- Handout: Show Me How to...Plan a 4-H Demonstration
- Handout: Ohio State Fair 4-H Communications Days-Illustrated Talk or Demonstration Rules
- Resource: Set of Demonstration Activity Cards

Health: The Fourth H
- Lesson
- Handout: What's on Your Plate?

Bullying: Why Me?
- Lesson
- Handout: Bullying: Why Me?

Using Social Media in Your Club
- Lesson
- Handout: Guidelines for Social Networking and Websites
- Resource: T and F Signs
- Resource: Social Media Application

Club Self-Assessment
- Lesson
- Resource: Eight Key Elements of Positive Youth Development

Teaching Teens to Teach
- Lesson
- Resource: Teaching Activity Cards

Making Meetings Fun
- Lesson

Club Constitution and By-Laws
- Lesson
- Handout: Constitution Word Scramble and Key
- Handout: Approve and Review 4-H Club By-Laws Checklist

YOU are a 4-H Ambassador!
- Lesson
- Handout: YOU are a 4-H Ambassador!

Team Building Challenges
- Lesson

Blue Ribbon Project Exhibits
- Lesson

Practice + Prepare = Successful Project Interview
- Lesson
- Handout: Preparing for Your Project Interview: Tips for a Successful Interview
- Resource: Practice Interview Question Cards

Discover Yourself at Camp
- Lesson
- Handout: Benefits of Camp
- Resource: Camp Ambassador PowerPoint

Project STEM (Science is Fun!)
- Lesson
- Handout: What is Science Inquiry and Science Checklist
- Resource: Can Your Horse Really See Color?

Distracted Driving Kills
- Lesson
- Handout: Distracted Driving Kills
- Handout: Distracted Driving Pledge
- Resource: Suggested Pictures for Distractions Board
- Resource: Distracted Driving Pictures (pdf)

- Lesson
- Handout: Cyberbullying: What to Do
- Resource: Cyberbullying Scenarios

Planning Field Trips and Outings
- Lesson
- Resource: Risk Management Checklist

Keeping Community Service Safe
- Lesson
- Handout: Keeping Community Service Safe
- Handout: Roadside Clean-Up Safety Plan
- Handout: ICE – In Case of Emergency Planning Guide
- Resource: Litter Pictures (pdf)