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2020 Project Completion Guidelines       Pre-Fair Judging      Kids College


April 18 Kid's College CANCELLED
June 16               Early Pre-Fair Judging (prior approval required) CANCELLED
June 23 Pre-Fair Judging


See links below for schedule, information letter, and project completion guidelines

June 29  Pre-Fair Judging Make-Up Day (Food, Clothing & General Projects)


Note: Participants in Make-Up judging will be elgibible to receive their fair pass and receive credit for project completion. However, they will not be eligible for awards or for participation in the Ohio State Fair

July 15 Woodworking, Welding & Crop Project Judging Projects must be entered on Wednesday, July 15, from 4-5:30 pm in the Junior Fair Exhibit Building at the fairgrounds; Interview-style judging begins at 8 am on Thursday, July 16
August 22              Competitive Virtual Project Completion Submission Upload submisstion to Flipgrid (detailed instructions below)
Sept. 30                          Non-Competitive Project Completion Club meeting, via zoom, or by appointment (detailed instructions below)

project completion guidelines

In 2020, Members have two options to complete their “still” or non-livestock projects. 

Option #1-Non-Competitive

Interview with an advisor at the club level. 

  • This can be done at a club meeting, via zoom, or by appointment. 
  • Sample interview questions linked here and a sample “score” sheet linked here.  The scores have been removed because this is a non-competitive way to complete the project. 
  • This sheet will however allow the advisor to provide feedback.  Feedback is an important piece of the experience for our youth. 
  • Livestock members who did not complete by participating in fair can still complete their livestock project this way as well.  They will need to show a completed record book or livestock record supplement as part of their completion. 
  • Advisors should submit a list of members and which project(s) they have completed to our office by September 30, 2020.

*ADVISORS-Be sure when you are conducting these interviews you observe the “rule of 3”.  Even on Zoom there should always be a third party present (parent, volunteer, another youth) when our volunteers interact with youth.

Option #2-Competitive

Competitive Virtual Submission.  We are utilizing a platform called FlipGrid for our virtual project judging.  The detailed instructions for accessing and using FlipGrid is linked here and a list of links by project area is linked here. We have also posted the scoresheet/rubric here.

Click Here for FlipGrid Instructions

Click Here for FlipGrid links by project

  • Submissions must be uploaded by August 22nd
  • Videos will not need to be edited and will not be judged on their production quality but rather their content. 
  • Members should still dress and conduct themselves appropriately for an interview setting. 
  • Younger members may have someone in the video asking the required questions to help prompt them if needed. 
  • Videos can be recorded directly into FlipGrid using a computer or smart phone OR a pre-recorded video can be uploaded into FlipGrid.  For example, I could record a video of Cole using my iPhone and upload that video into the FlipGrid platform. 
  • If you have questions after reading the information or need assistance, please contact Kristy Watters at or 937-544-2339. 
  • I do encourage members that plan to complete via the virtual option to not wait until the last minute!  Plan ahead and look at the information on FlipGrid in advance.

Members can complete using either of these options.  They do not need to do both.  After August 22 we will provide each advisor with a list of members in their club that have submitted videos and are considered complete.

If you need assistance with either, please reach out.  Barbie and Kristy are here to help.  This platform is completely new to all of us, but many Educators across the state are sharing successes utilizing it. 


- CANCELLED FOR 2020 (see project completion options above)
- Click here for schedule
- Click here for letter to members


Results will be announced on Wednesday, July 15, at the Non-Livestock Project Awards Ceremony at the Fair. The ceremony will begin at 2 pm in the Youth Show Arena. All non-livestock first and second place project rosette winners and State Fair qualifiers, including food and nutrition, clothing, Style Revue, and crops and shop winners will be recognized at this time. Scoresheets will be returned to members via their club advisors; grade ribbons will be available for display in club and county booths and on crop and shop projects during Fair. Note: Fair premiums, ribbons, awards, and State Fair participation are contingent upon the project being displayed at the Fair.


Ohio 4-H Engineering Website 
Self-Determined Projects & Idea Starters

Kids college

4-H members can and do want to complete their non-livestock projects. But, the project books and completion requirements can certainly intimidate members and their parents who don’t have strong leader support. To address the concern of low non-livestock project completion rates, the county’s first Kids College was held in spring 2011. From meal plans to electives and general education courses, the one-day event has proved to be an effective stimulus for non-livestock project completion as well as an introduction to college life. The program, now in its tenth year, continues to serve more than 40 youth annually.

Participants in Kids College come away with new project-related skills and knowledge; with increased understanding of the project completion requirements and pre-fair judging expectations; with increased understanding of the 4-H project interview process and increased communication skills; with new 4-H friends; and having had a positive, fun experience.

2020 Kids College is cancelled due to COVID-19.

2020 Kids College Flyer
2020 Registration Form
2020 Course Descriptions