Weed of the Week


What is the Weed of The Week?

Each week Jenny Stoneking, Ag & Natural Resources Educator, will provide information and images of a weed that can cause problems in crop fields. The goal is to let producers know what the weed looks like and give options on how to control the weed and reduce the spread from one farm to another.

Week of 1/8/24 Bush Honeysuckle
Week of 1/15/24 Tree of Heaven
Week of 1/22/23 Wild Grapes
Week of 1/29/23 Autumn Olive
Week of 2/5/24 Russian Olive
Week of 2/25/24 Yellow Nutsedge
Week of 3/4/24 Cressleaf Groundsel
Week of 3/18/24 Poison Hemlock
Week of 3/25/24 Lesser Celandine
Week of 4/15/24 Broadleaf Dock
Week of 4/29/24 Yellow Rocket

Week of 5/13/24 Canada Thistle
Week of 6/3/24 Wild Parsnip