Farm Custom Rates

A large number of Ohio farmers hire machinery operations and other farm related work to be completed by others. This farm work completed by others is often referred to as “custom farm work” or more simply “custom work”. A “custom rate” is the amount agreed upon by both parties to be paid from the custom work customer to the custom work provider.

This includes data on custom rate survey averages, standard deviation, median, max, min and range.

There are wide ranges in survey data for some of these rates. Please be sure to make your clientele aware of this fact.

If a custom rate doesn’t show up in this 2022 version when it did in a prior version, assume it is from lack of survey responses.

Also, encourage your clientele to calculate their own machinery costs (if they are custom operations providers) to help them determine if all costs or sufficient costs are being covered by a quoted custom rate. Often local markets won’t allow for full cost recovery for a custom farm operation, but they should be aware of what their costs are to determine if they will at least cover their variable costs.

A good source to help with this is the Machinery Cost Estimates:

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