PESTICIDE Applicator License Testing

Pesticide certification is divided out into two groups, private applicators and commercial applicators.  The license or certification for both groups is through the Ohio Department of Agriculture.  The Ohio Department of Agriculture regulates the use of pesticides.

A private applicator license is needed for farmers/producers who want to apply pesticides for their own use, thus they can’t apply pesticides for hire.  In the case of private applicators the license is needed for “restricted” pesticides.  When applying pesticides that can be purchased from any farm supply store, local hardware or a big box store, no license is needed unless the pesticide is restricted. 

A commercial applicator license is needed for those applicators who apply pesticides for hire or on public property.  Even pesticides that can be purchased without a license cannot be applied on public property like schools, churches, parks, etc. without a commercial applicator license.

If you would like to obtain a license you will need to pass exams in order to do so for either private or commercial. 

Online Recertification for Ohio Commercial Pesticide Applicators who need recertification credits for the 2020 deadline is now open!

Applicators can register by the credit hour, and the fee is $15 per hour. Registration is online only. The course will be available until 90 days after the State of Emergency ends, or December 1 - whichever comes first. These are the only Ohio recertification credits available online for the 2020 deadline.

To register:

Please contact or 614-292-4070 with any questions:

If you have applicators who need private pesticide or fertilizer recertification credits for the 2020 deadline, they are available here:

Study materials are available at or by contacting your local Extension Office.

Fertilizer Applicator Education

Program designed to meet criteria established for “Agricultural Fertilizer Applicator Certification Program” as established in legislation Senate Bill 150 that is administered by the Ohio Department of Agriculture.

Individuals who spread their own fertilizer, not including manure, on 50 or more acres of crop land that the crop is primarily produced to sell will most likely will need this certification. For possible exemptions call the Ohio Department of Agriculture at 800-282-1955.

Private Applicator License Renewal

Once you receive a license, you must keep it current.  Commercial applicators will need to attend re-certification classes through the state.  Private applicators can attend local re-certification classes. 

A private applicator license is good for 3 years and expires on March 31. 

If you are up for renewal you should receive a letter from the Ohio Department of Agriculture about renewing your private applicator license.  The cost for renewal is $30 (this is separate from the $35 fee for the 3 hour class). The $30 fee is to be paid to the Ohio Department of Agriculture.  Please be sure to mail that payment to ODA along with any other forms that may be included in the mailing.  Your license will be renewed once the $30 payment and all forms are returned to ODA and you have completed the re-certification program.